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Covert Pen Recorder
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Covert Pen Recorder

Product Information

Introducing the "PI Pen" note taker. Not only a great writing ball point pen, but also a high quality, 7-hour digital digital audio recorder. Great for taking "in the field" notes both by writing and dictating.

Easy To Use:
No tiny buttons, annoying beeps, or distracting lights to confuse you while you are trying to concentrate on your important notes. In fact, the one button control allows you to instantly capture your thoughts quickly and effortlessly. Simply slide the pocket clip down to record, and up to stop. Keep the "PI Pen" handy day and night, (it's even easy to use in the dark) whenever a great idea strikes! Also great for recording interviews and business meetings, making sure you capture every detail. (Note: Some states require consent of all parties for audio recording. Check all local and federal laws regarding your specific application before use)

  • 7 hour Record Time
  • Charges in 4 hours
  • Normal executive style writing pen
  • 10 hour Battery life
  • Charge via supplied USB cable
  • Audio recordings can be used with 3rd party audio software

    Rechargeable Battery:
    The "PI Pen" recharges in 4 hours simply by plugging in the included USB recharger cable. A single charge powers unit for 10 hours of recording.

    Playback Options:
    Either listen from the included earphone with the wired remote control, or re-record files to a cassette recorder or other media using the supplied re-record cable. The "PI Pen", don't go in the field without it!

    Pen Kit Includes:
  • Pen
  • USB Cable
  • Earphone
  • Users Guide
  • Wired Remote Control
  • Audio Cable
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